HOW does the Bicycle Couriers service work?

TLDR: Drop off you bike at a LBS, we collect and ship to your destination.

Our service can be described as bicycle transport, bicycle transfers, bicycle travel, bicycle shipment, tri-bike travel and even move my bicycle. Now where have we heard the last one before? Either way, here is how it works:

We provide an online system. We do some marketing. You find our website, either via google or Facebook, or word of mouth or otherwise. You enquire about sending your bicycle. You receive a quote and pay online or on invoice. Your prep your bike for shipment, either yourself or by using a local bike shop. We arrange with our network or service providers to collect and courier the bicycle to your chosen destination. We aim to keep you informed. And hope that you love our service, give us a stellar review, and tell all your mates about us.

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