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Or leave a message below and we will contact you shortly. By the way, Bicycle Couriers is incorporated under the private company Undercomplicated Pty Ltd with Reg.nr 2020/502365/07 — this is also the the details that will appear on your invoice and our bank account details is available on request. Now you know, because these days one can never be too certain.

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Who are the friendly people helping us at Cyclelab?

1. Cyclelab Lynnwood — Reuben Opperman
2. Cyclelab Fourways — Oswald Kydd
3. Cyclelab Boksburg — Cullum Du Plooy
4. Chris Willemse — Divan de Waal

HOW-to remember these?

LR — Lynnwood/Reuben (left/right)
FO — Fourways/Oswald (F-off 🙂 )
BC — Boksburg/Cullum (#bicyclecouriers)
CD — CWC/Divan (compact disc)

Now you know.