Door to door

There is no bike shop involved and we collect from and deliver to your chosen addresses (ie your home, office, hotel, AirBNB, etc). Please ensure that the bicycle is boxed and ready for collection.


Original price was: R1,000.Current price is: R749.

There is no bike shop involved and we collect from and deliver to your chosen addresses (ie your home, office, hotel, AirBNB, etc). Please ensure that the bicycle is boxed and ready for collection.



No shops, just main routes

This single bicycle transfer allows you to skip the bike shop and have your prized possession sent door-to-door. Think from your home or office to a friend’s house near the race. Or you sold a bike on Gumtree and want to send it from your home in Cape Town to the buyer in Joburg. Another popular example is sending your bike from home to your holiday accommodation in the Garden Route.

As long as the origin and destination is in a main center then this price applies. Alternatively, you are sending your bicycle to an outlying area and we’ll have to cover the price of going that last mile, ie from the nearest main center to the outlying destination. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Either way, we can deliver, wherever you want.


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Door to door is a great option if you sold a bicycle on Gumtree and want to send it to the buyer, anywhere in SA.

Hi there

Would you be able to courier a bike from Kenilworth in Cape Town to Hyde Park in Johannesburg?

The bike should be ready for collection from Thursday/Friday.

Many thanks

Hi Ohad, In a standard bicycle box please, like you would get from a bicycle shop. Or in a bikebox like we sell on the website at

Or in a bikebag, such as on It is boxed for safety and also because reduced dimensions means reduced costs.

PS, The reason we have the to or from a bicycle shop option as well, at a slightly reduced price, is to encourage people to make use of their local bike shop. Most shops would box a bike for around R150 to 300, so you can simply drop off the bike at a shop, they box, we collect from there, and send to your chosen address – plus you know that the boxing has been done professionally πŸ™‚

Hi Nico, thanks for that…

The reason I’m asking is that Im trying to buy a bike via bike hub, and the bike i want is in another town. SO i could ask the seller to drop off at a bike shop on my behalf? Do you have a preferred list of shops that you work with?


Hi. Perfect. Most of our customers do it like that. We can collect from anywhere, but if you tell me the area I can give you a specific few shops around there.

Generally Cyclelab and Chris Willemse is a good bet, as they box for R150 and cover JHB CPT DBN and PTA. And we do lots through Coimbra cycles PE and like Enduroplanet BFN πŸ™‚

Can you guys collect a bike in Northern Cape Vioolsdrif and deliver in Randfontein Johannesburg?
How long would it take?
If so what is the cost?

Welcome back Martin – Vioolsdrift is serviced on Friday so we can have your bike in JHB by mid next week and it goes at the normal R999 rate for a remote area and yes you can book online πŸ™‚

In a jiffy and need to have your bikes collected from your home or apartment in Greenpoint to be boxed before we can send it? Here are 3 great options:


Happy holidays! πŸ™‚

Hi O want to buy a bike from someone in Roodepoort. Where can he take it to box? Then I want to send down to Knysna. What would the cost be?

Hi Johan. Dankie vir die oproep. Laat weet wanneer hy reg is vir collection en dan laai ons af by jou in Knysna πŸ™‚

I have an Ebike, 29 inch, unboxed. Will I be able to send it using this service from Johannesburg to Durban? Does this service include insurance?

Hi Yusuf – by default no, but we can certainly add it as an optional extra, however most people already have their bicycles on their existing short term insurance so it might be easier and cheaper just to contact your existing insurer and specify that it will be transported (GIT – goods in transit); or add it to your existing policy of not yet covered. Either way, happy to help πŸ™‚

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