Welcome to your brand new BikeBox

Welcome to the family!

We hope you enjoy your BikeBox just as much as we do ours. Below is a couple of quick How-To guides to get you started, in both video and picture format 🙂

First-time use

Christine Collins, designer of the BikeBox, explains how to unpack, set up and use your BikeBox for the very first time! I prefer watching Youtube videos at double speed, cutting the 8mins to just 4min, because every second counts, right? This Video is a step-by-step explanation on how to pack your bicycle into our Bike Box. If you prepare for Airtravel — please consider to take the pedals off your bike and secure the handle bar onto your bike to avoid damage.

Bike Guards tutorial

This video explains how to apply the Bike Guards correctly to your bike to prepare for travel. The Bike Guards come with your Bike Box and once folded around your bikes’ vital parts (disc brakes, gear cluster, shock, crank and derailleur) — your bicycle is perfectly protected for air travel.

BikeBox folding instructions

Learn how you can fold your Bike Box in 6 easy steps from storing size to fully grown box. We start with the bottom and then flip it over to do the top. In short: #1 Flip it open. #2 Expand the sides for form a rectangle. #3 Lift the flaps outwards. #4 Secure the sides. #5 Do the tiny flaps. #6 Flip over the box and repeat the first five steps. #6 Finally, if you want, add cable ties to close the box for extra safety.

BikeBox folding instructions

Bike Guards setup

Learn how easy you can protect your crank, discs, gear cluster and derailleur with our specially designed Bike Guards. the 5 strips below include How-To secure your disc brakes (for a mountain bike, gravel or road bike with disc brakes); gear cluster (all bikes); rear derailleur (pick a small gear and feed the skewer/derailleur through the bike guard and place the chain onto the ring); crankset (easiest if the pedals are placed horizontally); and front fork or shock (create an X with the bike guard and feed it through).

BikeBox bike guards assembly

Box-in-a-Box accessories

The “Box-in-a-Box” is useful for all those bike accessories that always get lost at the bottom of your luggage and are not handy when you need them! The Box-in-a-box is small enough when fully assembled that I just stow away mine ion a cupboard ‘as-is’, no need to dismantle it after travel and storing it ready for use for the next trip.

BikeBox Box-in-a-box folding instructions

All done!

Great, now that you are all set, book your next bike travel adventure below, and we will collect from your front door.