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What the FAQ?

These are Bicycle Couriers’ most frequently asked questions and answers. In stead of giving the same answer every day like a robot, we jotted them down here for all of our cycling friends to see, forever and ever. Please have a squiz through them and see if it doesn’t already answer your question. If not, please do ask below, or contact us if your prefer to speak to a human. We are always happy to help.

Kan jy nou meer, ons eerste klompie vrae en antwoorde begin sommer in Afrikaans. Die beste manier om na ‘n nuwe ding te kyk is immers om alle moontlike vrae te vra, naamlik ‘Wie? Wat? Waar? Wanneer? Hoekom? Hoe?’ — maar helaas, die antwoorde is in Brits, al is dit net om nog vrae te voorkom πŸ™‚

TLDR: Bicycle Couriers is a website that assists you to transport a bicycle in South Africa. Contrary to popular belief, we are not bike messengers cycling across the city all day to deliver small parcels and documents. Nope. We deliver the whole bicycle! South Africa is a vast country, and we just want to make it easier for anyone to ship the bicycle within (and sometimes even across) our country borders. Bicycle Couriers is a website (bicyclecouriers.co.za) linking various cycling related service providers across Southern Africa to give a seamless bicycle transport solution to South Africans (but no foreigner is excluded, off course). Put us to the test and do tell your mates.

TLDR: Bicycle Couriers may help you to send a bicycle from point A to point B.

We ship bicycles. And off course the term β€˜ship’ is used loosely here because we operate inland. We provide one simple service: transporting boxed bicycles from point A to point B, both of which you specify. Whether you want to package and prepare the bicycle for shipping yourself or drop it off at a local bike shop (LBS) to box it on your behalf is entirely up to you.

We prefer working through bike shops, because we want to get more feet into shops and help support the local economy. And we know that the boxing is done correctly as to ensure safe and secure shipping of your bicycle. But from a pure monetary view, it would be better for us if we just did door-to-door deliveries because the margins are slightly higher, and we eliminate the admin of working with a third party (the LBS).

TLDR: Bicycle Couriers is β€˜everywhere in South Africa’.

In short: everywhere. The friendly and efficient Bicycle Couriers service is available all across Southern Africa. Our network has a surprisingly swift service that operates between all major centers (read: cities and economic hubs) in SA, including, but not limited to:

Cape Town (CPT), Paarl (PAA), Stellenbosch (STB), Somerset West (SOM), George (GRJ), Port Elizabeth (PLZ), East London (ELS), Durban (DBN), Pietermaritzburg (PMB), Johannesburg (JHB), Pretoria (PTA), Nelspruit (NLP), Polokwane (PLK), Bloemfontein (BFN) and Kimberley (KBY). Anywhere else is a remote area, to which we also deliver, even though it will understandably cost a little more and or take a little longer.

TLDR: Bicycle Couriers aim to deliver within 3-4 working days*, β€˜all being equal’.

We always aim to under-promise and over-deliver. For that reason, expect most of our deliveries to take around 3-4 working days, excluding the additional day that it might take if you want a bike shop to box your bicycle. A general, no promises example would be:

If you have a race on the weekend then it would be safe to drop off your bike during the weekend prior or Monday of your race week for the shop to box, that we can collect on the Tuesday and deliver before the weekend. Obviously, bike transport to smaller places and remote locations will take a little longer. Miracles can and do happen, but they are expensive (believe me, I have been on the receiving side of this as well). Experience counts.

The behind-the-scenes world of road freight and bicycle transport logistics can be more complicated than you think. For instance, did you know that we deal with 1400+ locations, 1200+ postal codes, 270+ municipalities, 120+ rate areas and 30 different transit time zones in South Africa? That excludes linking with 150+ local bike shops and 100+ cycling related sporting events and bicycle races. Wow.

TLDR: For the love of cycling.

Why we do it is certainly not a million-dollar question, because the margins in this industry are tiny. Cycling is my hobby and I encounter the same questions frequently. Hence, I started Bicycle Couriers during Covid-19 lock-down (also because I was a bit bored). This is the online version of a very successful previous venture along the same lines.

Getting back to the tiny margins. A single mispriced delivery would set us back quite a bit and that is why it is important to have our systems in place. Hence, we reserve the right to adjust prices after payment and before shipment to cater for the unknown and unforeseen that might cause the transaction not to be financially viable anymore. Alternatively, we could refund the net amount after costs to you and cancel the transaction. However, obviously we don’t want to do this, and we have never done this before, touch wood.

TLDR: Drop off you bike at a LBS, we collect and ship to your destination.

Our service can be described as bicycle transport, bicycle transfers, bicycle travel, bicycle shipment, tri-bike travel and even move my bicycle. Now where have we heard the last one before? Either way, here is how it works:

We provide an online system. We do some marketing. You find our website, either via google or Facebook, or word of mouth or otherwise. You enquire about sending your bicycle. You receive a quote and pay online or on invoice. Your prep your bike for shipment, either yourself or by using a local bike shop. We arrange with our network or service providers to collect and courier the bicycle to your chosen destination. We aim to keep you informed. And hope that you love our service, give us a stellar review, and tell all your mates about us.

In the words of Ace Ventura: “Go ahead, snoop around.”

Have you found exactly what we do (ie courier bicycles across the country, from point A to B), at a better price at another service provider? We’d be amazed if you did… but if so, please do tell us. We will try, but cannot guarantee, to beat any other price available, provided that we’re comparing apples with apples (or bicycle transport with bike travel).

At #bicyclecouriers we send all types of bicycles, including road bicycles, race bikes, tri-bikes (triathlon), MTB mountain bikes, gravel bikes, kids bikes, balance bikes, first-time bikes, single-speed bicycles, commuter bicycles and more — as long as it fits into a ‘standard bike box’. And this is where there are notable exceptions: fat bikes and e-bikes and tandems.

Because of the size of the latter, they may need to be transported in TWO standard bike boxes, effectively incurring double the cost of a normal bike transfer. I’ve send a 20″ kids fat bike in a standard box without any problems, but on the other end of the spectrum also dealt with an e-fatbike, a double whammyΒ  that filled two boxes because of the sheer size of the thing. So there you have it: standard box, standard price. Two boxes, double the rate.

Off course you can.


Don’t you just love this landing page image of Bainskloof, Wellington, South Africa? Credit to #benkryrides Kevin Benkenstein, taken with a Canon PowerShot G7 X in May 2017.

Hi, I need to courier a road bicycle from Paarl to Pretoria, I bought the bicycle and it is located in Paarl. What will the cost be to courier the bicycle to Pretoria? Is the anything specific expected of me or do you arrange for the ‘packaging’ of the bicycle. Thanks Juan

Hi Juan — I’ve sent you an email (stating we can send your brand new bicycle either door-to-door or the seller can drop it off at a local bike shop in Paarl to prep and we ship from there, with rates, you can book online), glad we could help, also in Afrikaans πŸ™‚

Good day, I need to courier a mountain bike to Leeudoringstad NW from Somerset west WC.
Cheapest option, please email me

Need to courier a road bike in a bike box from Victory Park, JHB to Sea Point in Cape Town. How much, when can it be done and how long does it take?

Hi David, this is an easy one. R575 for the boxed bicycle transport from JHB to CPT. We can collect any weekday and you can work on 3 days average for delivery. So early in the week collections will still be at your destination that same week πŸ™‚

I need a road bike boxed and delivered from Joburg to Sea Point straight after new year and then back to joburg around the 10th January.
Would this be possible.

YES please: Bicycle transport to the Argus (the 44th edition of the biggest timed bicycle race in the world, the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday 13 March 2022) from all parts (even remote) of sunny South Africa πŸ™‚

Hi , ek wil asb 2 MTB fietse (1xhardtail, 1x soft) van OosLonden na George laat shuttle, so gou as moontlik.
Wat sal die kostes beloop?
Baie dankie

Hello Khotso, it was just R575 and I’m glad to report we’ve sent your bicycle from JHB to Hilton in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Pulp Fiction? No. Bicycle Couriers, YES πŸ™‚

Hi I would like to courier my bike from Pretoria (lynwood) to somersetwest, what is the timeframe I am looking at? When would be the earliest I can expect my bike?

Hi Wilbur, 2-3 days, but if you need a miracle or overnight, call or WhatsApp 0795071231. PS, are you boxing it yourself or should we arrange with a bike shop to assist? If so, what about Cyclelab Lynnwood, or talk to Johan Bedford at TREK in Lynnwood Bridge. However we collect from anywhere, so feel free to use your local bike shop πŸ™‚


i need to send a road bike and a mtn bike from Greenside, JHB to Cape Town any time in the next week please. Can you help?

Hi Jules, yip, we sure can, and have booked your collection for later this week. See you in CPT πŸ™‚

Hi Matt. Off course we can. From where? And when? What type of bike? Already boxed or do we need to arrange? Thanks, Nico – 0795071231 πŸ™‚

Hi Gerry

Sure thing. From PMB to CPT will be main center rates ie R625 from a shop or if you want us to deliver in Clatizdorp it will be at the remote rate of R999 πŸ™‚

— When?
— 1-way or return?
— What type of bike?
— Are you buying or selling?
— Already boxed or do we need to arrange?

I need a bike to be transported from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. Would that be possible and what is the cost involved?

Hi Lorraine, BFN and JHB are both main centers so R625 from a shop (can we recommend Enduroplanet to help you with the boxing) or R699 door-to-door. You can book eith option online. Oh, and it’s quick πŸ™‚

Hi – JHB to DBN is 699 1-way and often goes overnight, even though we quote the std 3 working days πŸ™‚

Hi – EL to DBN is main center to main center so just R699 for ad hoc boxed one way bicycle transport πŸ™‚

As simple as possible…

— R699 boxed bike rate between Main centres.
— Transit time is 48-72 hours.
— Door to door.
— No insurance.
— We collect daily Monday to Friday.

The best boxed bicycle transport in the country πŸ™‚

Hi. I would like to send my bicycle to the Mosselbaai Ironman 70.3 on November the 6th.
From pretoria. Would you be able to do such a move.

Yes Markus, off course we do. Thanks for the call. Shout when ready. And happy to offer you that reduced rate for sending 3x bicycles πŸ™‚ Cheers

Hi there. I am looking to do the Sabie Experience in 2023. Do you transport E Bikes at all? If so, what would the charge be to transport 2 x e bikes to a local bike shop in Sabie / Nelspruit?

Heya, I need a bike – packed already in a box – moved from JHB to Cape Town. Door to door. Would that be the R749 option?

Hi Lowden — received your bicycle transport order and made the requested changes to the collection point πŸ™‚

Hi there, I am looking to transport my bike from Paarl to Alexandria in April. Please can I have a cost for this?

I need to courier my bicycle from Durban to PMB the day before the Amashova 21/10/2023. Please inform of cost.

Hi, yes thanks Colin, we already spoke and you can book online. Oh, how I love the Shova — maybe I see you there πŸ™‚

Hello. I need to transport 1 x road bike and possibly 1 x mountain bike from Johannesburg to Durban and back. The race is on 6 August.
Please may advise if you can assist with that.

Certainly, even on short notice/overnight πŸ™‚ I’ve sent you a reminder. Cheers.

Good day, I would like to courier a mountain bike from Warriors Academy in Magoebaskloof to Paardeneiland in Cape Town. How does the process work and what would the cost be?

29er Mountain Bike
Not boxed
Collection date 2 Aug 2023

Regards Riaan.

Hi there, looking to send two bicycles to Middleburg Eastern Cape, for Ride the Karoo stage race. Race Date 22 August 2023. Can you please asssit?

hj ek wil n mountain bike van wilgeheuwel Roodepoort johannesburg ..na die kaap toe kraaifontein/ durbanville area … stuur
hoeveel sal dit kos …

Hi Darius – R699 vanaf ‘n bike shop of R749 door to door en jy kan sommer direk book en betaal op die link hieronder — en skree as ons moet help –https://bicyclecouriers.co.za/product/door-to-door/ πŸ™‚

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