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BikeBox is an innovative lightweight hard-shell box that folds into minimal storage space. It’s easy-to-use, waterproof, strong, comes with guards & accessories and is fully recyclable — no wonder it won the 2019 Overall Start-up EURO BIKE Award!


BikeBox is an innovative lightweight hard-shell box that folds into minimal storage space. It’s easy-to-use, waterproof, strong, comes with guards & accessories and is fully recyclable — no wonder it won the 2019 Overall Start-up EURO BIKE Award!

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You’re in good company. Brand Ambassadors Robyn de Groot (South African pro rider and 6 x SA XCM National Champion) and Stefan Garlicki (SA Pro Downhill Mountain Biker) travelling with their BikeBoxes — “So happy with my Bike Box, finally someone has developed a way to transport your bike that is safe, affordable and lightweight! It’s the best of everything!”, says Stefan.

How to travel with your BikeBox

BikeBox is the ideal travel case to bring your bike safely to any destination in the world — not once but over-and-over again. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth a book, so have a look at how to pack and travel with your BikeBox:

BikeBox Specifications

Founded right here in South Africa by passionate Adventure Racers Christine & John Collins, this BikeBox is an internationally registered design (USA: USD910440, EU: 006583985, RSA: F2018/01279). And they really have through of everything, see below 😊

SIZE: 80% less storage space needed

Because the BikeBox folds into itself for storage, you can even slip it under your bed when not in use! Dimensions are in centimeters (cm) and both the fully assembled (ready for bike travel) and the collapsed (ready for storage) numbers are shown.

  • Small box: 120*78*25 (76*67*7) 5kg
  • Large box: 140*80*30 (83*80*7) 6kg
  • Tandem: 180*80*30 (80*102*8) 8kg

The LARGE box is typically used for MTB’s and E-bikes, while the SMALL box is perfect for Road Bikes and Tri Bikes. Gravel Bikes will depend on the size of your bike, wheels and extras (when in doubt, you might as well go for a large). And the TANDEM is a sleeker alternative than sticking together two cardboard bikes boxes, for sure. PS, the large box is exactly the dimensions we use at #bicyclecouriers when preparing quote. Did you know that we could also custom-make any dimension on your request? Give us a call today.

Your BikeBox includes the expandable and collapsible BikeBox itself, the Bike Guards (that can be order for disc or non-disc brakes), the Box-in-a-Box to neatly secure all your accessories, and the straps to secure your bicycle while in transit. The only optional extra is a wheelset, that you can easily fit to the bottom of the box, for wheeling the airport or while in transit.

WEIGHT: Half the weight of an average hardcover bike box

Total weight: 6kg and 5kg respectively (excluding accessories). Why is this important? No-more overweight charges… Most airlines have a weight allowance of 23 kg for bike transport. With our BikeBox weighing a mere 6kg, now you have a solid 17kg packing weight before you reach capacity. This means No more excessive surcharges at the Check-In. Yeah!

STRENGTH: Your bike must arrive undamaged

BikeBoxes are lightweight, strong, and durable and can withstand challenging conditions when in transit. It is also waterproof, because have you ever seen what happens to a soaking wet cardboard box? It is made from 100% waterproof Polypropylene sheeting (1200 GSM, or gram per square meter) which makes this box durable and resilient and keeps your bike safe during air travel.

EXTRAS: But wait, there’s more 🙂

Also included with every BikeBox is a set of Bike Guards (you can choose between MTB or Road/Tri (and also buy additional sets if required) – these are protective inners to cover cassette, crank, rear derailleur, skewers and wheel hubs! PLUS: You also get the very practical “Box-in-the-Box” for your bike accessories.

PRICE: Excellent value-for-money

BikeBox is 50% less expensive than the average bike bag and a whopping 75% less expensive than the average bike case. This means Low delivery costs due to reduced storage size and no extra luggage charges at the airport. With most other bicycle boxes on the market north of R6k, these offer amazing value.

*Custom options!

Oh, and you can order a custom BikeBox as well. Custom logos custom branding, even custom sizing — for vintage bicycles, tandems, oversized bikes, ebikes, and more. You name the dimensions and we’ll make it happen 🙂 OEM and more. 

+FREE delivery

When you order a BikeBox from us we will deliver it to your door free of charge. As it should be. 


Get your very own BikeBox now and start travelling like a pro 🙂 

Additional information


MTB guards, Road guards


Disc brakes, Rim brakes


Not required, Include a set


Collect from warehouse, Deliver to your door

10 Reviews

Do you require the bicycles to be packaged in a bike box? The bicycles are 10 – 15 years old and the bike box is likely more expensive than the bike !! Is there any other means to transport them without packaging ?

Hi. Completely understand. YES we do require bike to be packed, but NO you don’t have to buy the R2k bikeboxes on here — We can accommodate you through any local bike shop with a cardboard box, same as what shops receive their new stock in. For example, Cyclelab and Chris Willemse ask just R149 to box.

When and where do you want to send? Let me know from which area and I will send a few suggestions for shops who will box. Cheers, Nico.

Hi, I am immigrating and have two Carbon framed rim brake road bikes. one has the Di2 Shimano 12 speed Groupset. will the bike box provide all the necessary safety during flight transportation , especially for the Di2 Groupset, as I am reluctant to send them in the container ( shipped)

Hi Chris

YES. Provided that the airport staff do the basics right. Like keeping it upright. Because I have had a bike on an emirates flight from France to CPT in one of these (bikesafe: http://www.bikesafe.co.za/), and the airline managed to put the box on its side iso upright, and cracked the fork, despite all the claims. That was the last time I travelled with a heavy hardshell box. Nowadays I only use the the-ultimate-bikebox — with lots of THIS SIDE UP stickers! 🙂

I have a bike safe and have travelled with my bike overseas direct flights and Emirates and my bike has never had even a small scratch. I guess it is in the packing. I use 4 pool noodles inside the box for padding. But I had to hire a van in the UK this month to travel with it. The bike box seems to be a great idea. I just cannot see how strong it is. I am not sure how much protection a collapsible 6mm thick polypropylene box can provide especially at the edges. I am not sure I can entrust my one off bike built from parts from 5 continents in a box that does not give it 100% protection.

I am very glad to hear that Neil – I was not so fortunate, also with a bikesafe, and also on Emirates, but the end result was vastly different, as we ended up with a cracked fork. I guess it is more than just the packing of the bike into the box, but also whether the airline proceeds to keep the box upright vs placing it flat and stacking other luggage on top of it. To be fair, I have also taken many 1-way international flights using just a standard cardboard bicycle box with no issues. So it works both ways.

Do tell us more about your unique bicycle with parts from 5 continents…

Awesome Tristan – it’s great to have the PRO’s on board!

Yip, they are used as a ‘green’ mode of shipping bikes in the EU, iso ‘wasteful’ card board boxes. Works like a charm 🙂

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