iKhokha: Adding more features FROM and FOR our customers

Why did we add another online payment gateway (iKhokha) for Bicycle Couriers?

Because we always try new things in order to provide you with the best experience when sending your bicycle across the country in South Africa and beyond. And it is part of the way we grow. One of our other payment providers, Peach Payments, came from a happy existing Bicycle Couriers customer.

This was the same. A customer sent a bicycle through our network, and I picked up the details from his email signature, enquiring about what they do. The rest is history, as we now accept online payments for bicycle transport via iKhoKha right here. I even gave them a 5-star review and they are a verified business on Hellopeter.

PS, they are not alone, as ikhokha have partnered with Investec, Tyme Bank and Bank Zero (rates as one of the world’s top 200 fintechs).

This is my experience with iKhokha so far

iKhokha says ‘Let’s partner for growth’. Unlock better business — via: Card payments | Ecomm | Business tools | Funding. Your business makes Mzansi a better place, one payment at a time. Same as YOCO and other competitors, they have physical card machines (which we don’t use) and the online payment portal (which we do).

With iK Pay Gateway, you can start accepting a variety of payment methods on your ecommerce site, giving your customers the freedom of choice. Plus, it’s FREE and set-up is quick and easy – you can do it in just 5 minutes.

And I can attest to this because it is as quick as filling in an online form and emailing or uploading your FICA documents and then you are ready to start accepting online payments. Also, gone are the days where you have fortnightly payments cycles as with Move My Bicycle from back in the day. Nope, now you get daily settlements meaning quick cashflow if that is what you require.

Meet the iKhokha iK Flyer card machine

At #bicyclecourers we don’t use any physical card machines like the one below, rather just the online payment gateway, which is a digital version of the below, because we are a website 🙂

Why it makes sense to use iKhokha 

  • Zero initiation fees or hidden monthly costs. Just a 2.75% per transaction fee (in my case, this will depend on what you are being charged, but all of these providers like Peach and YOCO etc start at around the 3% per transaction mark).
  • Easy integration with ecommerce platforms. I use WordPress and WooCommerce for #bicyclecouriers because it is the biggest CMS on the planet, powering almost 40% of all websites in existence today, and with good reason.
  • Simple and easy checkout and payment processes. I must say, I LOVE the soft friendly animated checkout process from Ikhokha and it is a seamless fit to our website. You can try it for yourself: buy us a coffee right here and enter any amount to do a live checkout and payment to see the process. No items will be shipped 😊

Oh, and here is a clever idea:

I have seen this business funding feature on the YOCO portal before. But never knew that what an extent it was being used in practice. And it is a pretty clever idea at that. The payment gateway has direct access to your sales data as and when it happens. And based on that they can offer SME’s advances of R3k for tomorrow’s stock or R1 million for a bigger project. Smart and simple. Big banks take note.

Want to do the same with iKhokha for your venture?

Do so right here, right now. Add iK below. And get a 10% off on an iK Flyer card machine when using this link. My pleasure.

Add iK NOW!


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