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Get your passport ready — for these 80+ Ultra bicycle races around the globe in 2024!

Which big events have you penciled in this year? Below is a host of bikepacking races and long adventures around the globe for you to choose from in 2024. Which one(s) will it be?

PS, for this list we mainly considered bikepacking races and rides of 1000km+, and excluded Audax BRM’s as these can be found on individual randonneuring sites for the respective countries.

In order to deliver this very long list of events in bite-sized chunks, we list the Bikingman, Lost Dot and Transbike Adventures races separately. And all the others are grouped per start month, as it gets very busy during the middle of the year. When the snow melts everyone wants to be on the road. Or in the mountains.

Lost Dot events

14-May-24 — #TARNo1: The Accursed Race
21-Jul-24 — #TCRNo10: Transcontinental Race
TBA 2024 — #TPRNo4: The Trans Pyrenees Race

Transbike adventures

20-Jun-24 — NorthCape-Tarifa, Norway
27-Jul-24 — Swiss-BikeAdventure
18-Aug-24 — Alaska-Divide, USA
22-Sep-24 — Iberica-Traversa, Spain
06-Oct-24 — Morocco-BikeAdventure
20-Jun-25 — 45-SouthWest Krakow-Tarifa

The Bikingman series

08-Mar-24 — BikingMan Brazil
28-Apr-24 — BikingMan Sri-Lanka
26-May-24 — BikingMan Corsica
23-Jun-24 — BikingMan French-Italian Alps
28-Jun-24 — BikingMan Alpes-Maritimes
21-Jul-24 — BikingMan Auvergne
26-Jul-24 — BikingMan Vercors
09-Sep-24 — BikingMan Brazil
22-Sep-24 — BikingMan X Morocco
03-Nov-24 — BikingMan Taiwan

Races starting at the beginning of the year

04-Feb-24 — Race Around Rwanda
09-Feb-24 — Atlas Mountain Race, Morocco
25-Feb-24 — Iditarod Trail Invitational, Alaska
29-Mar-24 — Monaro Cloudride, Australia
01-Apr-24 — Classics Story: The Northern Way, FR
17-Apr-24 — The Unknown Race, Austria
25-Apr-24 — Italy Divide
27-Apr-24 — Gravel Tro Breizh, France
27-Apr-24 — Race Around The Netherlands

Races starting in May

02-May-24 — A-cross The 5, Belgium
12-May-24 — MittelgebirgeClassique, DE
22-May-24 — All Points North, England
25-May-24 — Race Through Poland
31-May-24 — Trans Balkan Race, Slovenia

Races starting in June

02-Jun-24 — Trans Am Bike Race, USA
14-Jun-24 — B-Hard Ultra Race, Bosnia
14-Jun-24 — Tour Divide, Canada, USA
15-Jun-24 — Hope 1000, Swiss
16-Jun-24 — Taunus Bikepacking, DE
16-Jun-24 — Trans Alba Race, Scotland
20-Jun-24 — Solstice Sprint, UK
22-Jun-24 —, Slovenia
24-Jun-24 — Italy Unite
29-Jun-24 — BC Epic 1000, Canada
30-Jun-24 — 1000 Miles Trans Czecho-Slovakia
30-Jun-24 — TransPyrenees, FR, Spain

Races starting in July

04-Jul-24 — Race Across Czechia
06-Jul-24 — 3 Peaks Bike Race, AT, FR, ES
06-Jul-24 — Pan Celtic Race, UK
06-Jul-24 — Vistula 1200, Poland
17-Jul-24 — Ardennes Monster, Belgium
20-Jul-24 — Baroudeuse Unpaved, FR
20-Jul-24 — La Sea To Peak, France
20-Jul-24 — Mishigami Bicycle Challenge US
20-Jul-24 — North Cape 4000, Norway
20-Jul-24 — North Cape Tarifa, 7400
20-Jul-24 — Trans Alpes, FR, Italy
21-Jul-24 — Transcontinental Race
26-Jul-24 — 20K UltraTrail MTB, Italy
27-Jul-24 — Swiss Bike Adventure

Races starting in August

02-Aug-24 — West Carpathian Challenge, Slovakia
03-Aug-24 — French Divide 2025
08-Aug-24 — TransAtlantic Way, Ireland
10-Aug-24 — Great British Divide, UK
17-Aug-24 — Austrian Extreme Bike Race
17-Aug-24 — GB Duro, UK
17-Aug-24 — Silk Road Mountain Race, Kyrgyzstan
18-Aug-24 — Alaska Divide, US
19-Aug-24 — Big Sky Spectaculaire, USA
22-Aug-24 — Liège-Paris-Liège, Belgium FR
24-Aug-24 — TransIberica, Spain Portugal

Races starting from Sept-December

05-Sep-24 — Bohemian Border Bash, CZ
08-Sep-24 — Pacific Coast Bike Race, USA
11-Sep-24 — North Star Bicycle Race, DE
11-Sep-24 — Swiss Ultracycling Challenge
13-Oct-24 — Two Volcano Sprint, Italy
24-Nov-24 — Across Andes, Chile, Argentina
27-Nov-24 — The Munga, South Africa 🙂

Race dates still TBA

TBA — Bike NonStop US
TBA — HLC: Holyland Challenge, Israel
TBA — Hoved Ting, DE
TBA — Race To The Rock, Australia
TBA — Terra Australis, down under
TBA — The 03, New Zealand
TBA — TransCanada Bike Race

Life is short. Make it count. Which race will it be?

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