WHAT does Bicycle Couriers do?

TLDR: Bicycle Couriers may help you to send a bicycle from point A to point B.

We ship bicycles. And off course the term ‘ship’ is used loosely here because we operate inland. We provide one simple service: transporting boxed bicycles from point A to point B, both of which you specify. Whether you want to package and prepare the bicycle for shipping yourself or drop it off at a local bike shop (LBS) to box it on your behalf is entirely up to you.

We prefer working through bike shops, because we want to get more feet into shops and help support the local economy. And we know that the boxing is done correctly as to ensure safe and secure shipping of your bicycle. But from a pure monetary view, it would be better for us if we just did door-to-door deliveries because the margins are slightly higher, and we eliminate the admin of working with a third party (the LBS).

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