Bicycle Couriers: Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?


Wie — Wat — Waar — Wanneer — Hoekom — How? Your complete guide to Bicycle Couriers in Southern Africa.

Who? Your Two-Wheeled Delivery Heroes

Who is Bicycle Couriers? Bicycle Couriers is a network of bicycle transporters all across South Africa, helping to send your bicycle from a bike shop or door to door to any destination you choose. Officially Undercomplicated Pty Ltd, but known everywhere as #bicyclecouriers and We have 7 years of experience in transporting bicycles, thousands of deliveries, and happy customers all round.

What? Unbox Adventure

What is Bicycle Couriers? Bicycle Couriers is the easiest way to send you bicycle from point A to B, anywhere in South Africa, and beyond. Your Best Boxed Bicycle transport. And don’t worry, boxing is easy – simply drop off your bike at your nearest bike shop and let them do it. Because 90% of our customers don’t have their own boxes, and we love getting more feet into local bike shops. We’ll collect when ready. For frequent bike travelers we also have The Ultimate Bikebox, which won the 2019 Overall Start-up EURO BIKE Award!

Why? #newbikeday & Adventure Awaits

Why is there a need for Bicycle Couriers? Because cyclists upgrade and explore and travel and participate. Our customers are mainly buyers/sellers of bicycles from portals like and Facebook marketplace; and riders going to races or IRONMAN®s or private/corporate bicycle tours.

  • Buying a bicycle and want it delivered to your door? Use Bicycle Couriers.
  • Selling a bicycle and need to get it to the buyer in another town? Use Bicycle Couriers.
  • Going to a race or ride in a far off or remote location? Use Bicycle Couriers.
  • Flying and cannot take your e-bike with you? Use Bicycle Couriers.
  • Don’t want to take your bicycle on the plane? Use Bicycle Couriers.
  • For corporates, events, tours and outrides? Use Bicycle Couriers.

When? Every single day

When do we need Bicycle Couriers? We collect every weekday. And even run over the weekends. Saturday and after hours bicycle deliveries are possible. Or you can collect from one of our depots if your bike arrives over the weekend. If you are sending between popular routes like CPT/JHB it is possible to collect on a Thursday or Friday and have it run over the weekend to go out on delivery on the Monday. Lovely. // And how long does it take? Major towns and cities typically take 3 days, but we also have 24hrs express overnight services available for emergencies (or when you just can wait for #newbikeday) on major routes like CPT/JHB/PTA.

Where? In Southern Africa & Abroad.

Where is Bicycle Couriers? Where are everywhere! Put us to the test. We’ve delivered bicycles to places that I didn’t even know existed. Main centers and quick and easy and very cost effective, taking typically 48-72 hrs between CPT, Paarl, STB, S/West, George, PE, E/L, DBN, PMB, JHB, PTA, NLP, PLK, BFN & Kimberley. Anywhere else is defined as a remote area and we’ve delivered to the outskirts and the heart of this beautiful country, including Steinkopf, Upington, Mafikeng, Alldays, St Lucia, Leeudoringstad, Kei Mouth, Morgansbaai and more. Unsure? Just ask! Our get a quote. Because as you requested and by popular demand, we do more than just bicycles.

How? Online, right here!

How to use Bicycle Couriers? Book and pay online. Receive your PDF waybill via email. Print+stick it on your bikebox (or we’ll send it to the bike shop if they box it for you). We collect when ready and have it delivered at your convenience. For the Best Daily Boxed Road Freight Bicycle Transport.

Where can we send your bicycle today?


Hi Denise — we certainly do. No need to fiddle with a heavy bike and a battery on the airport anymore 🙂

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