New Bicycle Couriers services in the North

#bicyclecouriers signed with another service provider. From Kempton Park and beyond.

Keeping you on time!

We integrated with a branch network in Limpopo, Mpumalanga Highveld and Lowveld, Vaal Triangle and North-West. Hence we maintain our level of service by making sure that our clients’ bicycles are delivered on time, all the time. This includes:

  • >10 service locations
  • >180 employees
  • >80 fleet vehicles

Break bulk transportation, perfect for sending bicycles

What is break bulk transportation? Lets start with the boring definition and then see how we used this as an opportunity.

Break bulk is a shipping method that involves the transportation of individual pieces that are too large or heavy to be containerized or consolidated with other cargo. These individual pieces are typically loaded and secured separately for transport. This method is commonly used for transporting oversized items.

It is often more time-consuming and labor-intensive than containerized or consolidated shipping methods, as each piece of cargo must be individually handled and secured. However, it can also be more flexible and cost-effective for certain types of cargo. And that is exactly where Bicycle Couriers spotted an opportunity.

Economy bike shipments from from 48-72 hrs

Now we have a more focused network around and north of Gauteng, including Johannesburg (JHB), Pretoria (PTA), Polokwane (PLK), Nelspruit (NLP) and surrounding areas. Which means we can ship your bicycle safely and cost effectively in the northern parts of South Africa. This service is ideal for packages that are not as time sensitive.

Overnight express Monday to Friday

Bicycle Couriers offer an extended fast courier service. This means that boxed bicycles are picked up from one location and delivered the following day, Monday to Friday. Did you know that previously this service was only available on the JHB/PTA/DBN and JHB/PTA/CPT routes? But now we cover most major towns and cities. Just ask!

Thanks, Riaan 😊

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