Proposed Industrial Action 20 March 2023

Here we go again…

Welcome to sunny South Africa. We share the following:

16 March 2023

Dear Valued Customer

…we are not sure what the affects of the proposed action will be on our ability to deliver a service to our clients but believe that there will be disruptions.┬áThe disruptions we foresee might be:

  • Operations staff that stay away due to transport restrictions and intimidation
  • Threats to our vehicles on the roads
  • Threats to our premises

The consequences of the above is that we probably will have a limited ability to make deliveries and collections. Line haul departures on Monday night might also be compromised.

We apologise for the uncertainty, but our priority will be the safety of our staff, assets, customers freight in the system and premises.

We will communicate again on Monday once we have a better idea of the conditions on the ground in our network area.

Kind Regards

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