TRACKING: Follow your bicycle from point A to B

Where is my bicycle? 

Track me here,
Track me there,
And everywhere.

Right here!

Parcel tracking is a service provided by courier companies that allows customers to track the progress of their shipments in real-time. When a customer sends a package or parcel through a courier company, they are given a unique tracking number. This number can be used to track the parcel throughout the delivery process, from pick-up to delivery.

To track a parcel, customers can enter the tracking number on the courier company’s website or mobile app. The tracking system will then provide updates on the status of the parcel, including when it was picked up, when it arrived at the courier’s facility, and when it was dispatched for delivery. Customers can also receive notifications via email or SMS when their parcel reaches certain milestones or when it has been delivered.

Parcel tracking is a convenient and useful service for both senders and recipients of parcels. It allows senders to keep track of their shipments and ensure that they are delivered on time, while also providing peace of mind for recipients who can track the progress of their packages and anticipate their arrival. Parcel tracking also helps courier companies to manage their operations more efficiently, by providing real-time data on the location and status of their shipments.

Local tracking options

Sending your bicycle with any of these providers? Use the tracking links below to see where your bicycle is. Our best bet is to always manage client expectations for when your bicycle will be delivered. Do you have an account with them? Fear not, book with #bicyclecouriers.



Yellow! Triton Express (Pty) Ltd is National Express Road Freight Service Provider with a decent crowd of around 10k followers on their Facebook page.



Transmart Express is a Transportation Service based in JHB and CPT with Daily overnight road express from CPT BFN KBY Welkom JHB and PTA and a Facebook page just as humble as ours.



Who are they? DPD Laser is one of South Africa’s leading express courier companies and they say they are ‘committed to delivering against the odds, no matter what obstacles come our way!’ 12k followers on Facebook



For Inter-Town-Transport. Intertown is one of my favourites and with multiple branches and agents that operate 24/7, their comprehensive fleet of vehicles delivers. And they have a nifty 2.5k followers on Facebook



Citi-Sprint. Since 1985. They provide inner-city delivery services in Cape Town (for over than 25 years). And keeping in trend like above they also have around 2.5k Facebook followers.



The biggest one here. DSV is a leading transport and logistics provider with 75,000+ employees in 80+ countries. And 85k Facebook followers. On the opposite end of the scale, i.e. Big Corporate.



We don’t use TCG The Courier Guy to send any bicycles. But we do use them to send the EUROBIKE award winning bike boxes from the Knysna warehouse all across SA! 170 nationwide Kiosks. 2500 drivers. 1100 pudo smart lockers. We would love to handle your package! And 34k Facebook followers.



The Franchise model! Fastway Couriers South Africa is A reliable, low-cost courier service delivering locally and nationally. Your friendly courier expert. With 13k followers on Facebook



Powering simpler delivery for retailers and business of all shapes and sizes. Gavic Express has more than 23 years of experiences in the business courier industry (but no local FB page that I could easily find).



Who is DCB? A local Logistics Cargo & Freight Company with Branches in JHB DBN CPT ELS PLZ and more. And a very decent 12k followers on their Facebook page. Well done.



Biddulphs International says they are SA’s largest independent movers. They have dedicated over 90 years to moving prized possessions and households both locally and internationally. Closing in on 150k likes on Facebook!

Quickest on WhatsApp!

#bicyclecouriers! Here and there and everywhere. To date we’ve simply focused on our website (which is why you find us right at the top), but maybe it is time to branch out and add something on our social media.

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