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Local bike shop on my way back from CPT

Today I went to CWC Chris Willemse Cycles in Tygervallei to grab a new head light for TCRNo8 that starts later this month. The Marvel and Ryder models I have is perfectly fine and I love the longevity of the batteries, but they are both older models and throw a spot-light – which is not fit for Germany. Hence the outing to find new ones.

I popped into the busy branch and was immediately approached by someone to assist. Justin didn’t know off hand whether the Marvel 700 model can be used while being charged from an external power bank. But he immediately promised to find out and came came back with a positive answer in minutes.

Then I saw the Ryder version which seemed to have a replaceable battery, and around the same power consumption (lasting 10 hours on around 30% brightness). I wanted to know whether they sold extra batteries (at 2600mah each they are slightly fatter and longer than a penlight/AA battery). Justin called the rep and came back with another quick answer.

While I was waiting for the prompt feedback, three other staff members (all familiar faces) asked if I’ve been helped already. Hats off guys. That’s how you do customer support.

Now I encourage you to share the love.

When you receive great service, even for something as small as a bicycle light, tell your mates. It starts a positive ripple effect and helps your LBS local bike shop. As for me, I tend to support them all.

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UPDATE: They called again today with a spare battery that was ordered and delivered this morning. And found generic resin XT brake pads iso the noisy OEM metal ones, ready for collection. Love it 🙂

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