The Diesel Price increased 41% in 18 months from Jan-2021 till Jun-2022

And it’s going up again

…early forecasts showing South Africa is yet again facing another steep increase in July. Mid – month data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) indicates diesel (50ppm) could go up by around R1.28/l on July 6th…

The goods news is that TCG decided to keep their rates the same and absorb the latest fuel price increase. Well done to them. The bad news is that we don’t ship bicycles through TCG (we go higher up the chain). Nevertheless, here is what they said, and we find it commendable. Thankyou, Courier Guys 🙂

Check out this chart below.

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And what did we do?

Considering what has happened with the underlying fuel price (+41% for inland diesel 50ppm), our R100 increase to ship a bicycle over roughly the same period (from R525 to R625 to/from a shop) — which constitutes a less than 20% increase, i.e. half of the fuel price increase — seems way too low. Yet we continue to deliver the same stellar service.

What a bargain 🙂

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“The industry has received a further large increase in the price of diesel. The fuel levy will be adjusted to the greater of R34.32 or 58.35% of the waybill charge, effective 6 July 2022.”

*But the prices you see on our site are all-inclusive.

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