Bicycle Couriers have expanded once more!

A rolling stone (best boxed bicycle courier company) gathers no moss

Bicycle couriers have added another (bicycle specific) service provider with loads of experience in the bike industry logistics chain. Why have we partnered with then? Because of economies of scale, because we are finally big enough to do so, and because they share the same values as us. Let’s have a look at those values:

  • Focus on People – just like we focus on our customers (it’s all about those satisfied thankyou notes and client testimonials at the end). Our partner believes that the bedrock of their company is their people and they are passionate about helping our customers (which means #bicyclecouriers, which in turn means YOU) succeed.
  • IT is the place to be – they believe that information technology can truly revolutionize how goods are transported. Spot on! Because Bicycle Couriers started out as just a website, and through efficient use of technology we can still control everything, every day, right from a mobile phone.
  • LT relationships – they aim for long term relationships with our customers, to become their logistics partner. Which is the way we grow our very own company – because every happy client (and we aim for every Bicycle Couriers customer to be a happy one) tells someone else and that ripple effect is what keeps us growing.
  • Customized solutions – “customizing our existing IT platform to guarantee we meet our customer’s transport expectations and operate within their budgetary parameters” might sound like a mouthful but it is all we can ask for. Let’s simplify that: deliver bicycles (and other goods) on time and within budget.

This green machine is one of the largest privately owned logistics networks in the country.

Our latest partner by the numbers:

  • Since 1990
  • 14 branches & growing
  • 800,000+ kms every month
  • 20,000+ destinations covered
  • 200+ vehicle fleet
  • 350+ staff members

Now lets consider the Services offered — for bicycles & others:

Default bicycle delivery services

Economy (EC) is the most cost-effective option and is ideal for bulkier parcels, just like bicycles! The bulk of our bicycle couriers bicycle deliveries are through this standard economy service. And it is available as to/from a shop, conveniently door-to-door, and for remote areas.

Express Road (ND) falls in-between economy and express. Think of it as a cost-effective version of the express service, ideal for slightly bigger parcels and boxed bicycles. Available on most routes and we have 24hr express overnight bicycle deliveries between PTA/JHB and CPT every weekday!

Express (OE) is a premium service that may require flights and is ideal for small urgent parcels like documents. Bicycles can be flown, and we have done so before and continue to do so because we always go the extra mile, but there are only so many flights available and there is a fair amount of behind-the-scenes admin required to orchestrate this.

Extended bicycle delivery services

Sameday (SDM) is the fastest we offer and only for extremely urgent bicycle deliveries because it gets expensive and is only available in certain areas because there are only so many hours in a day. This is often easiest within areas in close proximity, intercity, intertown, or say from CPT up the west coast towards Langebaan and the Vredenburg depot.

Retail Deliveries (X) are special bicycle deliveries to all major retail stores and in the background, it runs from a separate division as this is a specialized delivery. In fact, our partner right here is the preferred delivery agent for of the biggest online bike shops in the country, almost right on our doorstep.

International (IDX/IPX) bicycle deliveries are available with the help of our service providers, who offer an extensive international network for bicycle and parcel deliveries. The cross-border transfers from RSA to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are done via road. Whereas bicycle deliveries to other continents or islands are flown.

Let’s go!

Now that you know, where can we send your bicycle today?

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