Bicycle transport during the Transcontinental Bike Race #TCRNo10

How to book your bicycle transport during the Transcontinental — last week JUL & 1st week AUG’24

Two weeks from Monday 22 July till Monday 5 August 2024… We’ll be taking part in the 10th edition of the Transcontinental bike race across Europe as below. Which means response might be ever so slightly delayed. The race starts on Sunday evening 21 July from France and we expect to be in Istanbul two weeks later. With 300km+ per day in the saddle, we won’t be in front of the computer screens all day long, and suggest the following.

Last week of July and 1st week of August 2024
Last week of July and 1st week of August 2024

Bicycle transport during the Transcontinental

*Please pay attention to overnight bicycle transport services and ensure these are confirmed in time for the 24hr express service. The best way to reach us will be either email to or WhatsApp 0795071231. And quote requests remain the same. All-in-all it is business as usual, just with a delayed response. We’ll be checking in daily rather than answer almost instantly as under normal circumstances.

What is the Transcontinental?

It is a mad self-sufficient (meaning no outside support) non-stop bicycle race across Europe. There are about 330 competitors from all across the globe, and everyone has to create his own route from the start in Roubaix to the finish in Istanbul, which includes 4 iconic checkpoints and parcours (mandatory stretches of road to be cycled) in-between. 15 countries in as many (or fewer) days.

Cycling 15 countries in 2 weeks? Yes, please.

How many of these do you recognize? Fance, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. The Four checkpoints locations this year are as follows. #1 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia — Erjavčeva koča – Vršič, PD Jesenice. #2 Bjelašnica, Bosnia — Passion Umoljani. #3 Prevallë, Kosovo — Etno kuca Petrovic. #4 Çanakkale, Turkey — Kervansaray Hotel Çanakkale. Here is short video clip from when I first did the TCR back in 2018…

4000km & about 46000 meters of climbing

The map below is what google produces if you ask it to go from start to finish and through the 4 checkpoints of the Transcontinental Bicycle Race this year. Do the the below is the route for a car. And excludes the mandatory parcours. And also excludes highways and ferries where possible. While we’ll take a different route on the bicycle. And it looks like just over 4000kms and with about 46,000 vertical meters again. That’s over 5x up Mount Everest. Let’s go…

300kms+ per day for two weeks

Aiming to cycle 300 kms per day, with which I’d be happy. Or 10% more each day, with which I’d be very happy, as it would cut our time to complete the race from under 14 days to under 13 days. But the terrain towards the end will prove challenging. And the language.

LIVE tracking here…


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