How to book your bicycle transport online

Moving your bicycle is as easy as 1-2-3.

Sold your bicycle? Send it to the buyer. // Flying to a race? Let us take your bike. // Going somewhere? Meet your bike there.

Go to Bicycle Couriers

Head on over to (well, you are already here, aren’t you?) and choose where to send your bicycle. Using a bike shop is the most popular option as you just drop off at your LBS, ask them to box (settle the tab, if any, with them directly) and we collect. Or if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home and can box a bike then we will happily collect from your front door. Where can we send your bicycle today?

Step 1: Go to for the easiest single bike transfers in South Africa // Where can we send your bicycle today?

Add to cart

You can click on Book Now directly from the landing page to select your desired shipping method or click-through to each product to find out more before adding it to your cart. Choose between using a bike shop (to or from one), door-to-door (no shop involved), any remote area (which is any area outside of the main centers listed in the footer of every page) or cross-border bicycle transfers.

Book now // Add to cart >> View basket >> Proceed to checkout >> Complete your details >> Select payment method >> Order received >> Confirmation email >> Have your bike ready for collection. Nothing new, you’ve probably seen this online checkout process a million times before.

Step 2: Select where to send your bike – via a local bike shop, door-to-door, to a remote location of even across the border…

Enter your details

Where to? The billing details is that of the person making the booking or requesting the invoice, usually the owner or sender of the bicycle, or his or her assistant. And now for the most important part —

The additional information contains the FROM (collection) and TO (delivery) addresses, as well as contact persons, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, GPS coordinates, google map links, specific bicycle details, delivery notes and any other information that you deem fit to help us to deliver the right bike at the right place.

Step 3: Tell us where to collect from and deliver to // Please be specific and give as much info as possible – you can even cut and paste from google.

Click to pay

All that remains is to make payment and to have your bike ready for collection. Our service is pre-paid and can be done via EFT (which we prefer because lower bank charges means we keep just a little bit more in our own pockets) or online card payments facilitated through the peach payments portal. PS, our bank details for EFT will only appear on the order received page as we don’t want it lying around everywhere. And you will also receive an email confirmation from Bicycle Couriers with all the order details and bank details, so no need to print or screenshot the order confirmation just yet.

Oh, and we’ve made things easier for your repeat bookings as you can create an account as part of the checkout process, stay in the loop with newsletters (we hate spam just as much as you do) and updates and even save your frequently used addresses for next time. Lovely.

Step 4: Make payment, either through EFT or a range of online card payment options // and then have you bike ready for collection. Thankyou, come again.


Unsure about yourself, or life in general? If you need help at any stage, click, call, pray, email, shout, send a carrier pigeon or go for a ride. The easiest would just be to contact us, why not use that handy WhatsApp button in the bottom-right corner.

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