Out Of Office: Year-end cycling adventure

How to book your bicycle transport during this time

From Friday 24th November till Friday 1st December, I will be out-of-office, cycling from Stellenbosch to Bloemfontein and back.

Why? Because it is good for the soul. And if you want to find out more about a similar adventure, check out what Michael Mol & Gary Kirsten are up to — somehow, somewhere, our paths shall cross between Bloemfontein & Wellington.

What you need to know…

1 short week

Things will be back will be back to normal from Monday 4th December again, so it is just 1 work week of “non-instant” response.

24/7 on the website

Everything continues as usual online: you can still book and pay and confirm your bicycle transport directly on the website and you will receive your waybill via email.

After hours

I’m still available on WhatsApp on 079-507-1231, even though I can only periodically check messages, when in mobile phone reception, and typically only after hours.

Alternative nr

If you want to speak to someone, kindly contact Valerida on 084-555-0041 or send us an email at hello@bicyclecouriers.co.za.

Overnight deliveries

The only exception is the overnight express 24hr service if you are booking it for same day collection, which must ideally first be confirmed.

See you soon!


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