Michael Mol & Gary Kirsten are doing what?

Get involved and back these two legends

This year, same as many before, TEAM NIKA are raising funds for education in South Africa. They do this in many forms, one of them being the arguably tough-as-nails 1000km+ MTB race from Bloemfontein to Wellington in the heat of South African summer.

Start with the WHY…

Says Michael — It was the words from the Munga Race director that drew me to enter one of the toughest MTB races in the world:

“At the Munga, we celebrate what it is to be human. We know the fight. We know what it means to grovel, grind, and crawl in desperation to the light at the end of the tunnel. We know what it’s like to hang on to a thread, but claw and pull it back till it’s a tight rope, and walk that thin line, balancing the life and death of dreams, till at last we lean forward and the momentum of action carries us inexorably towards our destiny!”

An inspiring and poetic way to describe a 1200km journey through the dry and dusty Karoo on a mountain bike in the blazing heat of summer. With just 9 days to go before the starter’s gun, I’m reminding myself why I signed up. My taking part is in part to find out if I have what it takes. But more importantly to raise funds for the education of underprivileged kids, who are also asking “Do I have what it takes?” for life’s more significant challenges: a pathway out of poverty through quality education, a good job, and hope for the future.

Team Nika is raising funds to continue their great work of rebuilding a nation. We are pedaling to rewrite our children’s stories with every cent that’s given. This money goes towards an education they need and deserve. Thankfully you don’t have to ride through a desert to change a life – a donation of any amount would go a long way to making a child’s life better… way further than a mere 1200kms.

“Don’t sponsor me, sponsor a child, right through tertiary education to their 1st paycheck.”

That would be a story worth telling. Do your part:


Well done Michael & Gary — we’ll see you in BFN and will be watching your dots to Wellington 🙂

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