SA Fuel Price over time

Because the fuel price affects the cost of your bicycle transport…

We try to keep our price adjustments to a minimum, both in actual cost and in frequency. It is less admin and we like stable pricing just as much as you do. Below is what we can learn from the current and historical petrol and diesel prices in South Africa.

Current petrol prices

Gasoline Prices in South Africa decreased to 1.25 USD/Liter in January from 1.37 USD/Liter in December of 2022. source: Energy Department of Republic of South Africa. And according to the AA — At the time of writing, for inland 93 octane petrol:

  • Current: R21.38/ltr (2023-02-01)
  • Previous: R21.10/ltr (2023-01-04)
  • Trend: 1.33% up since previous ↑

Local petrol price forecast

Trading Economics says Gasoline Prices in South Africa is expected to be 1.30 USD/Liter by the end of this quarter, according to global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the South Africa Gasoline Prices is projected to trend around 1.45 USD/Liter in 2024 and 1.56 USD/Liter in 2025, according to our econometric models.

In summary: R27 per liter, here we come đŸ™‚

  • 2023: 1.30 USD = R22,77/Liter
  • 2024: 1.45 USD = R25,39/Liter
  • 2025: 1.56 USD = R27,32/Liter

SA Petrol price chart all history


South African fuel price stats

Gasoline Prices in South Africa averaged 1.09 USD/Liter from 1992 until 2023, reaching an all time high of 1.60 USD/Liter in July of 2022 and a record low of 0.43 USD/Liter in December of 1998. This page provides the latest reported value for – South Africa Gasoline Prices – plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long-term prediction, economic calendar, survey consensus and news. South Africa Gasoline Prices – values, historical data and charts – was last updated on February of 2023.

Summary stats from 1992 till 2023:

  • Average: $1.09 = R19.09 (since 1992)
  • Highest: $1.60 = R26.31 (Jul-2022)
  • Lowest: $0.43 = R2.43 (Dec-1998)

Notes: Prices per liter of fuel. On July 01, 2022 the Official USD to ZAR Exchange Rate: Close: 1 USD = 16.449 ZAR according to exchangerates // and 5.66 ZAR per 1 USD in Dec-1998 according to poundsterlinglive. Then we have converted the average at the current USDZAR exchange rate because it is over such a large time period, but an Excel exercise would have yielded a more accurate answer…

What can we learn from the AA?

This is the go-to place for current and historical local fuel prices. Fuel includes petrol (unleaded 93 and 95 octane, plus LRP) and diesel (500ppm and the cleaner 50ppm). LRP is lead replacement petrol; and PPM is particles per million (less is more, ie cleaner). You can get these fuel prices for both coastal and inland. And for every movement since 2008.

Head over to the AA for more fuel price info on — and you can even subscribe to get fuel price change alerts. To keep you informed. Now you know. *As a bonus, you can register and download AA rates vehicles tax certificates.

What happened to the diesel price?

I’m interested in the coastal (not inland) price of diesel 50ppm (the cleaner one). Below is said diesel price movement for 2022.

Fuel Price Date
23.59 2022-12-07
25.11 2022-11-02
23.67 2022-10-05
23.52 2022-09-07
23.98 2022-08-03
24.89 2022-07-06
22.63 2022-06-06
21.56 2022-05-04
20.64 2022-04-06
20.64 2022-04-06
20.64 2022-04-05
18.96 2022-03-01
17.42 2022-02-02
16.68 2022-01-05


Last but not least, a blast from the past. Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that what I desire.


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