NOTE: Volumetric weight

Most courier companies use a volumetric factor of 4000 or 5000, so we have combined this with the two most popular boxed bicycle dimensions (regular 140*30*80) and oversized (160*30*80) to give estimated volumetric weights:

Factor 4000

  • 140*30*80 = 336k, div 4000 = 84kgs
  • 160*30*80 = 384k, div 4000 = 96kgs

Factor 5000

  • 140*30*80 = 336k, div 5000 = 68kgs
  • 160*30*80 = 384k, div 5000 = 77kgs

As you can see, it is safe to work on a volumetric weight of around 80kgs, which is way more than the actual weight of the boxed bicycle. The latter typically comes in at around 15kgs for a regular bike and 30kgs for an e-bike.

Why do we use volumetric weight? Because 100kgs of feathers will take up a much larger space (volume) than 100kgs of gold.

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