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All your top bike travel questions: answered.

In summary:

  1. We sell the ultimate bikebox.
  2. And send your packed bike across SA.
  3. From your home or a bike shop.
  4. To anywhere you choose.
  5. Every single weekday (except holidays).
  6. And even 24hrs overnight.
  7. At the lowest rates possible.
  8. Because we love what we do.
  9. And it shows in our client reviews.
Best Bicycle Courier
Best Bicycle Courier

Which courier is best for cycle delivery?

We are.

Bicycle Couriers. Right here. Based on number of happy clients. And successful and on time deliveries. Plus the fact that we have never had an insurance claim (touch wood, don’t jinx it now…). And because of our passion for cycling and indeed bicycles. Because it certainly isn’t always about the money. Sometimes we really just do it for the love of cycling. And that makes us the best courier for cycle delivery.

Courier your bicycle
Courier your bicycle

Can you send a bike by courier?

Of course! Every single day.

You certainly can. It is cheaper and safer to send it boxed. We have a brilliant bikebox that won the EUROBIKE startup award. Which is ideal for frequent bike travelers. Or you can drop off your bicycle to have it boxed at your favourite local bike shop. And we will liaise with them and collect the bike directly from the shop when ready. Now you do have to go to and fro, with a boxed bike. We make your life easier. By sending your bike by courier.

Preferably boxed
Preferably boxed

How can I send my bicycle?

Boxed. Or not.

Book your boxed bicycle transport online with #bicyclecouriers and we will collect door to door. Provided that it is already boxed by the time collect. And what if you don’t have a box? Just drop off the bike at a shop. Which shop can I use? We will send them the PDF waybill to print and stick on the box when ready. Welcome to the first word in bike travel. This is how you can send your bicycle!

Every drop counts
Every drop counts

Is being a bike courier worth it?

In a word: YES

Is being a bicycle courier company worth it? We certainly think so. There are many different kinds of bicycle couriers. Here are 3 examples. Firstly, you get those who deliver parcels via bike (that’s not us). Secondly you get those who take 50 or 100 bikes at a time in a specialized bicycle only truck to a specific race (that was us). And then you get those who do boxed bicycle transport for anyone, anywhere (this is us!). So, if you are buying or selling bicycles online then we are the ones to ship them for you.

Top Bicycle Courier is...
Top Bicycle Courier is…

Who is the Best Bicycle Courier?

Plural: Bicycle Couriers

Based on my biased opinion this is Bicycle Couriers. Because that is what we do. All across South Africa, and beyond. And before BC it was MMB. At least in Cape Town. Because this is what we did. Exactly the same as Joggie in from up North (with thanks, we’ve come a long way). Before I sold the company. To start what you have here now, bicyclecouriers.co.za/. Because we are the Best Bicycle Courier.

For any type of bicycle
For any type of bicycle

Bicycle transport South Africa

For any type of bicycle

Road bikes, MTB gravel bikes, hybrid, commuter bikes, e-bikes, folding bikes, cruisers, delivery bikes, fat bikes, women’s bikes, kids bicycles, tricycles and even bikes we haven’t thought of just yet. And of course, mountain bikes is a very general term and can at least be expanded to include full suspension and hardtails, trail, XC and downhill bikes. Yes, we send them all. Standard box, standard price. Which means that tandems and e-bikes that go into oversized boxes might be shipped at a slightly higher rate. Bicycle transport in South Africa and beyond.

Bike transport from R699
Bike transport from R699

How much does it cost to courier a bicycle?

Special: roughly R699 to 999

At the current rates it is R699 from a bike shop, or R749 for door to door. The reduced rate from ‘n bike shop is to help offset the minor cost of boxing your bike, and to encourage you to use bike shops. Which makes it easier for all of us. You to send your bike. The shop to box your bike. And us to collect and deliver your bike. The above are main centre rates. Remote areas are currently on special for R999. And we can even send it with 24hr express, ie overnight. After all, it costs very little to courier a bicycle (especially if you consider the value of the item). What a bargain.

Send your bike to CPT
Send your bike to CPT

Bicycle transport to Cape Town

Right here. From anywhere.

Bicycle Couriers is the best boxed bicycle transporter to Cate Town. Consider the source. Off course we are 😊. Our office is in Stellenbosch, but we are effectively just a website, as our fleet has a national reach and can collect your bicycle from anywhere in SA. We have you covered, whether you are sending your bicycle to or from CPT, or anywhere else on this list. Bicycle transport TO Cape Town and bicycle transport FROM Cape Town. Main centers include:

  1. Cape Town & Paarl
  2. Stellenbosch & Somerset West
  3. George, PE & East London
  4. Durban & Pietermaritzburg
  5. Johannesburg & Pretoria
  6. Nelspruit & Polokwane
  7. Bloemfontein & Kimberley
  8. Anywhere else is a remote area.
TCG for gear not bikes
TCG for gear not bikes

Courier Guy bicycle

Yes and no…

Yes, TCG can send your bicycle. Even though we don’t use them locally. But might be internationally. We use who we believe is best for each aspect of bike travel. And The Courier Guy is our service provider for sending those ultimate bike boxes from the warehouse in Knysna to the purchaser anywhere in South Africa. When you have your bikebox we will send the (our) selected courier to collect your boxed bike and deliver where need be. TCG TBC…

Bicycles and more
Bicycles and more

Triptych courier

Lets’ go!

Long-time friends and founders of the ‘bicycle courier’ website (curiously right after I registered ‘bicycle couriers’ with them. This husband-and-wife team have been doing what we do for ages. Albeit with a more offline approach. And we continue to work alongside each other. And I can vouch for how they operate. I would certainly send my own bike with Triptych Resources (and have done so before).

JHB to CPT and back
JHB to CPT and back

Bicycle transport Johannesburg to Cape Town

Our most popular route

YES. This is our most popular route. Simply because it is the busiest route. And who, who sits in a JHB glass tower all day wouldn’t want to come and cycle between the vineyards and on the trails of the Western Cape. We welcome you! And will gladly transport your bicycle to and from Gauteng. E-bikes are welcome because we know you cannot fly with those batteries. 3 days typical transport time. We collect every weekday. And your shipment can run over a weekend. Bargain! FROM JHB to CPT and back again.

Advanced bike logistics
Advanced bike logistics

Bicycle logistics

We do this every single day

Bicycle logistics sounds more complicated than it is. Sending your bicycle from A to B in and around South Africa is something we do every single day. From (bike) shop-to-shop, or door-to-door, or to and from the farthest corners of the country that you can think of. Or never even heard of. We do them all. At a ridiculously low rate. Allow us to put the logic in your bicycle logistics.

There you have it. Another 1200+ words. Attribution: icons from Freepik.

Where can we send your bicycle today?

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