CHEERS! Bicycle Couriers 2023 year in review

A toast to 2023!

It’s been a bumper year at the #bicyclecouriers stable. What started as an experiment or a hobby has grown into something bigger by virtue of passion and persistence. Here’s what we’ve done. The BC year in review:

Added new service providers

We added a couple of service providers, as before. And took a chance on someone we found promising. And immediately spent R50k with them to test the service levels. I’m happy to report that things are so far so good. Let’s see where this goes into the new year…

Skipped competitors’ IT failures

At the same time we dodged a bullet as some other in the industry experienced a nightmare Christmas period with regards to tracking and backlogs. This comes after a third party outsourced operational IT system crash that affected tracking and delayed query resolutions countrywide. No names mentioned here. Oh wow, we’re so glad to have skipped that one!

On top of seasonality

Seasonality is a thing in the bike industry and the last quarter is a busy one. Especially just before Christmas with the big migration to the coast and everyone looking to take along a bicycle. This is where we fit in. Which means a staycation is default option until things settle down in the new year — and then your #bicyclecouriers can also take a break. YES, we are open right through the December holidays to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your bike.

Bank charges are astronomical

Out of all the different payment methods we accept, I always suggest payment via EFT because that attracts the lowest cost. Yet still we are sitting at R3k to YOCO, R6k to Peach payments and R7k to Nedbank. And that is not even for the full year. Spending R20k+ on combined bank charges seems a bit much. It’s a digital world for sure, albeit not for free. 

Experienced Organic growth

SEO and repeat customers. I spent quite some time on the web content earlier this year, especially during the (long) winter. And it shows. We are a purely online company and people typically only reach us in one of 2 ways: through google search and via word of mouth. We are consistently getting new customers, while existing ones are booking again and again. By example, our 4th quarter volumes are up over 60% year on year, and the holiday period isn’t done yet.

Testimonials coming in thick & fast

When starting out we chased testimonials and reviews to find out how others experience what we do (because we’ll always assume what we do is perfect — so it was best to test and be realistic). Fortunately others shared our sentiment and it shows. No chasing anymore, and enjoying the fruits of our commitment to excellence.

Bikeboxes are the perfect gift

Bikeboxes are gaining traction (we’ve spent another R50k with Christine) and a personalized Ultimate Bikebox makes for the perfect Xmas gift — complete with the name of the recipient custom printed onto the box. Oh wow, now you don’t have to bother with a bike shop for boxing ever again as you can pack it yourself and we can collect door-to-door. How convenient!

1st ever Bikebox price change

The cost of materials have been steadily increasing over time (and  more rapidly as of late). We’ve had ZERO price increases in the Ultimate Bikebox since inception, but have to adjust it upwards by around 10% going forward. Small boxes are 2699 and large boxes 2999, but includes sending it to your door. YES, we now include the cost of shipping through economies of scale (our pleasure), to offset what happens in the economy.

Opportunities aplenty

We do what we love and it shows. And it opens new doors. In ways that you wouldn’t have considered. We’ve made some new friends. Delivered some more bicycles. And stumbled over some great opportunities. From two-wheeled long distance adventures to getting back into doing what we would have done in any event, and now getting paid for it. More on this later. Watch this space…

NOW, what’s in store for next year? Find out soon.

🙌 Thanks for your continued support — and happy holidays!

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