National Stayaway Today & how it affects deliveries

24 August 2022

FFS, TIA, and all those other acronyms & expletives. Doing business in SA is not without its challenges. But that is what makes us special. And while Kaiser Chiefs may be singing “I Predict A Riot”, it does impact our deliveries. Details below…

Morning update

  • We been affected by the industrial action.
  • Line haul departures from Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg were either delayed or cancelled last night.
  • Staff turnout varies between 0% and 100% depending on the branch. The hardest hit branches are Port Elizabeth, East London and Queenstown.
  • Service in all branches will be compromised today and will probably have a knock-on effect on Thursday. We apologise for the inconvenience this might cause.

Afternoon update

  • The worst affected areas remain Port Elizabeth, East London and Queenstown.
  • All line haul activity will return to normal this evening based on the information we have.
  • The backlog of deliveries should be cleared by close of business tomorrow.

We apologise if this affects you, even if this was due to factors beyond our control. Thanks for bearing with us đŸ™‚

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