An overview of bicycle transport in South Africa

Sending your bicycle from HERE to THERE has never been easier…

Sunny South Africa is an outdoor sports mecca and there is an abundance of races & events & activities that you can choose from. There are many different options of getting your bicycle to and from a race, despite the 1,221 million km² of our beautiful country. Did you know that the N2 is the longest numbered route in SA, at 2255km in length? Bicycle Couriers operates from right here in Stellenbosch, the home of cycling in South Africa, and below we cover various options for local bike travel.

Be the best you can be.

Bicycle Courier South Africa

Yes, you’ve come to the right place. This is the home of Bicycle Couriers in SA. And we don’t mean bicycle messengers, nope, we deliver your whole bicycle. Our service is perfectly positioned for buying or selling on Gumtree (do they still exist, surely you mean Facebook Marketplace) or Matt Eager’s brilliant BikeHub.

If you are flying to a race and don’t want to lug around a bike box at the airport, just drop off at your local bike shop to package and we’ll collect from them and deliver the bicycle straight to your race accommodation. Easy.

How much does it COST to courier a bicycle?

Bicycle transport in Southern Africa might be a whole lot more affordable than you think. We send standard boxed bikes between main centers for just R699, or door-to-door from just R749. But it doesn’t stop there, as we cover every nook and cranny of this beautiful country. Budget around R999 for sending your bicycle to remote areas.

Buying on Bike Hub

…and sending with Bicycle Couriers!

Are you buying or selling on Bike Hub and wanting to ship a bicycle (or just components, wheelsets, and accessories)? That’s exactly what we do. And for peace of mind for both the buyer and the seller, may we suggest having the bicycle boxed at a local bike shop? That way both parties know that the bike is in good nick and that it is securely packaged to send. We’ll collect from there and deliver said bicycle to the buyer’s front door. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this. Contact us today.

Ten different METHODS to move your bicycle

We’ve been around the block and have tried and tested all these methods, including airlines, self-drive, bikerack on your car, bikesafe boxes, courier companies, bulk boxed transport, bicycle transporters to races, blankets between bicycles, roll-on-roll-off systems, and Bicycle Couriers! Find more detail on each of these in our confessions of a bicycle transporter.

Bike Courier Cape Town

Bicycle Couriers are situated in Cape Town (head office in Stellenbosch, to be exact), but we service the whole of South Africa, and beyond. Our most popular route is between JHB & PTA to CPT (which takes about 3 working days, excluding boxing, in most instances). And generally, the triangle between Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape is the busiest area for shipping bikes in SA (obviously, because that’s where the bulk of our population is concentrated). The fog in DBN.

Bicycle transport

What is bicycle transport? A means of getting your bike from point A to B. Via air, sea, or road, including freight, line haul or courier. You can use event specific transport (trailers going to and from certain races, where available) or ad hoc boxed bike transport (which is exactly where #bicyclecouriers fit it). The latter is available anywhere and anytime, giving you the ultimate flexibility to send your bicycle wherever and whenever. How well do you know your main centers? Take the quiz.

Road bike transport

Types of bicycles to transport include Road bike transport, MTB mountain bike transport, gravel bike transport, tandem bike transport, gravel bike transport, kids bicycle transport, tricycle bike transport, vintage bike transport, fat bike transport, delivery bike transport – any type of bicycle transport! We do them all.

We prefer sending it boxed though, because of two main reasons, namely cost and protection. Boxed bicycle transport is cheaper because a boxed bicycle takes up less space than a fully assembled bicycle. And it offers better protection while in transit (find out which is the best bike box for you). However, this point can be debated as below:

What is the best way to transport a bike?

There are different reasons for transporting a bicycle and each of them will have a fitting bike transport solution. For example, if you are going to an IRONMAN® event then it would be ideal to transport your bicycle ‘as is’, ie race ready and not having to change the setup. For this use-case it might be ideal to send your bicycle on am enclosed and custom-made specialized bicycle trailer, together with say 60 others, right to the start line.

But if you are going on holiday, or shipping a bike your bought to the buyer, or receiving one you bought to your front door, or travelling to a remote part of the country, or a niche event or boutique bike race (where the abovementioned bike trailer services aren’t available), then our boxed bicycle transport might be exactly what you are looking for. It is quick & easy & cost effective. Just drop off your bike at an LBS to box and #bicyclecouriers can collect it from there.

Can Bicycles be couriered?

YES! In fact, we’ve created a whole business around it and that is exactly what we do. Bicycle Couriers will send your bicycle to and from pretty much any location in Southern Africa, including major towns and cities, local bike shops and event remote areas. We have set rates for sending bikes between certain areas and are happy to quote you on any of the places not mentioned. Where can we send your bicycle today?

Which bicycle is the best mode of transport?

This certainly depends on what you want to do. I won’t do a Munga on a road bike, nor would I consider doing an IRONMAN® on a fat bike. While and e-bike might be the perfect commute to the shops, the battery won’t last your next double-century in one go. Way back when I was still delivering newspapers while in school, that Avalanche Tundra 26r MTB hardtail with a rigid fork took a beating from going up and down all those pavements, and I had to replace the crank spindle more than once.

These days I have a fit-for-purpose bicycle for three different applications. A Specialized Epic for the rough stuff, which in my case is mostly cross country. A Specialized Roubaix for quicker pursuits on tar, relatively speaking off course. And a Specialized Diverge gravel bike, that is almost exclusively used for long distance (600km+) rides and bike packing adventures. I know they are inanimate objects, but I love each of them for the same reason. Freedom! William Wallace knows what I’m on about.

WHY a bicycle is the best mode of transport?

Where do we begin? Riding bicycles are FUN! They don’t pollute the earth. It’s eco-friendly with zero pollution (I wish we could say the same about some of the riders). Cycling keeps you fit, as you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Cycling keeps you healthy, as it reduces the chances of heart disease and diabetes. Bicycles are extremely reliable, for the most part.

It can even save you money when commuting and thinking of the positive effect on your long-term health (but admittedly it can also cost you a small fortune as a hobby, because who doesn’t like shopping for bike parts?). And it can broaden your social circle and you can become positively addicted. This vast question and the answer lie in the eye of the beholder. Maybe we should pose the question to our resident local bicycle expert, Andrew Wheeldon from Bicycle Cities.

Bicycle transport South Africa

We offer boxed bicycle transport in SA. Why boxed? To protect your bike while in transit. You can also use a soft-shell box or bicycle travel bag. Where from? We collect from and deliver to anywhere in the country, including you home, office or LBS (your local bike shop, who can also box your bike if need be). How long does it take? Depends on the route, but the bicycle will typically be delivered within the week (3-5 working days).

And what about insurance? Its complicated. The easiest answer is there is no insurance, and it would be quicker and cheaper for you to arrange same through your existing short term insurance broker (and mention that your bike will be in transit).

Bicycle transport Cape Town

You might have a million questions when it comes to sending your beloved bicycle or prized possession from point A to B, and we’ve attempted to answer them all on our FAQ-off page! For Frequently Asked Questions. And Answers. Is this the best boxed bicycle transport in the country? Put us to the test and find out. And do tell your mates.

Courier a bicycle from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Why would you want to courier a bicycle from CPT to JHB? For the 947 Ride Joburg, among many others. Did you know that JHB is the world’s biggest man-made forest, with over 10 million trees? Or that it is the largest city in the world that is not built on a coastline. Jozi is SA’s financial hub, has the busiest airport in Africa and is the 2nd biggest city (in Africa, after Cairo). I certainly won’t mind going for a 50km MTB loop through Steyn City. Whatever tickles your fancy, if you are travelling to JHB (not the one in California), Bicycle Couriers will happily send your bicycle to the city of gold.

Bicycle transport to the Argus

The Cape Town Cycle Tour, previously known as the Cape Argus, after its title sponsor back in the day, is an annual cycle race hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, usually 109 km long. It is the first event outside of Europe to be included in the Union Cycliste Internationale’s Golden Bike Series. And where in the world do you find a better finish than through Misty cliffs, Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, Suikerbossie, Llundudno, The 12 Apostles, Camps Bay and Bantry Bay?

How to send your bicycle to the CTCT? Book here.

Swim/Bike/Run — South Africa has a knack for massive sports events, boasting with the world’s largest individually timed bicycle race (the CTCT), the world’s largest ultra-marathon run (the Comrades Marathon), and the world’s largest open water swim (the Midmar Mile). I’ve done the former and the latter, but don’t like running, so will probably stay at 2 out of three. But on the other hand, Darren…

BOXED bicycle transport

If you are a frequent traveler and do not have your own BikeBox, do check out what Robyn de Groot & Stefan Garlicki use to travel with their bicycles — it didn’t win the 2019 Overall Start-up EURO BIKE Award for nothing. I have used all the following methods to transport my bicycle: in a car, on a bakkie, with a Thule Bikerack, with a bikesafe, with a cardboard box (when flying 1-way) and with a soft-shell case. But nothing beats the combination of price and convenience of the collapsible BikeBox. Whichever box you use, #bicyclecouriers will deliver it with a smile 😊

Triptych couriers

We make use of Triptych couriers as one of our logistics providers. Because if you want to be the best then you must partner with the best, right? I have known Andrew for the best part of seven years and can only say good things about him. Between himself and Dianne they run a very tight ship and it is always a pleasure dealing with them. They come highly recommended, and we love supporting them.

By the way, their full details are as follows. Triptych couriers is the company Triptych Resources (Pty) Ltd, situated at Cnr Railway Road and, Hoist Ave, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441 and they offer a multitude of unique courier services for all SMEs and individuals. However, we don’t exclusively work through Triptych, and keep on expanding.

Elliott bike transport

‘Elliott is amazing’ is such a clever tagline. Well done. They specialize in National Moving, International Moving, Office Moving, Storage, Commercial Logistics and Fine Art Relocation. Not necessarily bicycle transport. But with the infrastructure it makes sense to move bicycles to the larger events like the Cape Argus. I didn’t spot their name on the CTCT lifecycle week race info for Long Haul Bike Transport times time around, but there were others, including Trans-sport (Nightwing) and Cyclemove (Pickfords).

Courier guy bicycle

Can you use the Courier Guy to send a bicycle? For sure. They have recently changed their XOC online quote portal, and where you could previously just start typing a city or town name and select it from a drop-down menu, you now must complete the address in full and select the province from a drop-down. I do like that you can select from a google map (if the manual address isn’t recognized), but all-in-all, getting a price takes a little longer. For better or worse? You decide.

There are also a whole range of optional extras, each with its own cost attached, including liability cover (variable rate), sending to a chain store, Plot / farm, hospital or power station, fees for sending a manual waybill charge or tender, plus for an early bird, after hours, Saturday or public holiday collection or delivery. Which might come in handy if you left things too late.

The Courier Guy

What is the relationship between The Courier Guy and Intertown Transport? As far as I known, ITT is the agent for TCG. The Courier Guy Worldwide Express was founded in 2000 and has recently also opened pudo (an acronym for Pick Up Drop Off) which allows you to pop your package in a locker and send it to a friend using the pudo app. Oulik. They have 1000 lockers at the time of writing and are adding 5 new locker locations every month.

DHL bicycle shipping

Sending your bicycle offshore? Let’s do an example. I used the dummy info of sending a bicycle from Cape Town, South Africa to London, UK. The dimensions were 120*30*80 cm (note that the length was limited to 120 cm iso our usual quoted 140 cm for a local standard large bicycle box). Total shipment weight was 30 kg, which is well below the total volumetric weight (57.6 kg when using a factor of 5k).

I used their get a free international shipping quote online feature and guess what the quoted amount came to? North of R20k! Which is more than the cost of a return airplane ticket for an adult during those same dates. So, you could have delivered the bicycle in person… DHL offers a stellar service, but it comes at a price.

Bicycle transport TRAILER

How about sending your bicycle to an event on a 60-bike custom made specialized bicycle trailer, fit-for-purpose? Over the years I have seen many iterations of this concept in South Africa (and owned one). Some were more successful than others, but it remains genius solution for transporting your bike to the start line of a race, while you fly in hassle-free. This business model was (IMHO) pioneered by Joggie Rautenbach (tot middernag!) and there are many local bicycle transporters owe him a beer, at least.

While these bicycle trailers are a great solution for large events, it is not fit for purpose for single bike transfers or ad hoc boxed bicycle transport. And this is where #bicyclecouriers fit in. if you need to send a bicycle from here to there in a jiffy, look no further (well, maybe consult our many happy customer reviews and see what others are saying).

Joggie’s bicycle transport

Joggie is the friendly chap who ‘started all of this’ and will be waiting for you with a cold beer when at the end of a race. With testimonials from Andrew Mclean (Cyclelab) and Carel Herholdt (Dryland Event Management) you know you are in good company. Google “joggie bike transport” and you will find him right at the top of the results (unless there was sneaky google AdWords campaign in the mix). He offers bicycle transport from Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg, Krugersdorp, Boksburg, Alberton and Vanderbijlpark.

Fabian’s bicycle transport

Race specific bike transport. Some cool interviews with Willie Smit, Ariane Luthi and Ryan Gibbons can be found on his site. Together with custom branded merchandise, cycling shirts and bib shorts. And options for trailer rentals, ranging from 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 bike options. Plus, you can pay with payflex (though we hope you don’t have to finance bicycle transport) and they are linked to Cycles United. Never underestimate the exuberance of youth — these guys are expanding.

You deserve the best!

We’re definitely not the only kids on the block. And we like to play open cards and be transparent. Which is why we’ve listed all our fellow bicycle transporters right here, because it’s a free world and the choice is yours. However, we pride ourselves on our stellar and very personalized service and this is certainly one of our competitive advantages. Either way, don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say. And do tell your mates.


Sending your bicycle from here to there and everywhere has never been easier. We frequently get the same questions and try to answer them, as concise as possible. The Bicycle Courier is a busy guy and believes in efficiency. Before we make a short video of how #bicyclecouriers operate, this guide on How to book your Bicycle Transport online below should have all the answers you need. Alternatively, hit the buttons below.


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